Your wedding officiant, and a little more…

Getting married, that wonderful day that you look forward to. Often I hear “the best day of your life” but to be honest: I hope there will be many more beautiful days to come! But making your wedding day special, actually just that little bit more special than what you hoped for, that’s what I love to do. A ceremony in which we celebrate love, with a smile and sometimes also with a tear, or with tears of laughter. Making a wonderful memory to look back at, year after year with a huge smile on your faces. I love it!

When I was sworn in as a civil registrar at the Court of Amsterdam in 2003, I was glowing with pride and bouncing with joy. Finally I got to do what I wanted to do for so long: be a wedding officiant. And now 20 years later, that feeling is still there. How incredibly special is it, every time again, to be asked to do what you love so much.

“If you always do what you like, you never have to work”, but bounding two people into matrimony is a profession. There is much more than just giving a speech, it is also a legal fact that you record in a deed and that involves quite a few laws and regulations. And not only that, also liability. That’s why I think it’s really important to give a wedding ceremony all the attention it deserves.

In addition to being a wedding officiant, I also help bridal couples with official documents. Especially for couples who live abroad or have a foreign nationality it can be difficult to get the right documents or the right stamps. I am happy to help with this, because as a civil registry specialist I know my way around.