Extra Service

A&M signing

Service of the Amsterdam Marriage Bureau goes on where the council stops. To have a legal marriage you really have to be at the city hall, but it can be easier. When you both have a busy job and it is difficult to make time to give notice or make a reservation, I can do this for you. Especially when you live abroad I can arrange the reservation for you. Someone has to go there and pay the fees, let me help you out. Than you can use your time to relax when you arrive in Holland for the wedding instead of a run to the city hall to make and pay the reservation.

After 12 years experience as a civil registrar I know exactly what papers you need, how you can authorize and where you have to make the reservation. I can send you the right documents by mail to sign to make it possible for me to arrange everything for you.

If you need legalizations on your marriage certificate to register this at your own authorities, than I take care of the right stamps and legalizations. I know where to go. And I send it to your home address via DHL.

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