Love ceremony

Thursday the 23rd of July 2015 was a special day for Daniel and Isabelle from Montréal. They came all the way from Canada for a love ceremony in Amsterdam. They choose the pier of the Pulitzer Hotel to renew their vows.
I parked my bike in front of the Pulitzer Hotel and went to the fifth floor to meet the groom. I had spoken with the bride via Skype, but only had email contact with the groom. So good to meet him! And wow he was nervous! Even the amazing few over the city he had from his hotelroom window didn’t calm him down.
We had a nice chat and I left him behind to finish his vow. In the hotel lobby I met the bride, for real this time. But it was like we knew each other for years. She was glad to see mee and excited about the ceremony, that was just an hour away now…
After some shopping around the corner I had a drink in the garden of the hotel, where the groom was waiting for his bride. Still nervous, no… even more nervous! And finally she came, and they were soooo happy!
The photographer, Tertius from Reflexx Reportages, took them into the centre for some photo’s while the two witnesses Jean-Michel and Jessica, Jantien from Pulitzer, the Skipper of the Tourist and me made everything ready for the ceremony on the pier.
And than they came walking down the Prinsengracht, which was their aisle to the pier. And there it all happened. A very intimate ceremony… the bridal couple, two witnesses, me and the rest of Amsterdam 🙂 Every boat which passed the pier was blowing its horn and passengers were waving and shouting to the bride and groom. This is Amsterdam, fantastic!
We had a short ceremony, just like they wanted. I told them about marriage en the I do’s, actually it was the i do take two!
They had the official wedding in Montréal at the notary, but they considered this ceremony in Amsterdam as their official wedding. They even had seperate rooms the night before!
“I do to your best friend, I do to a life together forever, I do because you believe in this marriage more strongly than ever and it is with joy born of experience and trust that you commit yourself once again to be each other’s husband and wife.”
They each spoke their own vows, so emotional. They forgot about everything and everyone around them, it was like they were in there own private world. Beautiful!
After the i do’s and signing the certificates they step on the Tourist, the boat of the Pulitzer Hotel for a cruise on the Amsterdam canals. And I stepped back on my bike again. Very satisfied!