What do I do


As a wedding official I can give you the wedding ceremony you would like to have. You decide how you want it to be. As long as I do the offical parts recorded by law, we can make the ceremony very creative. I can not guarantee a good marriage, but I can guarentee a good start.

A ceremony in English

No problem. During my work as a wedding official in Amsterdam I had a lot of foreign bridal couples. During their ceremonies I performed in English.

Renew your vows

Maybe you are married for years, but in those days the ceremony was nothing special, no budget for a special wedding day or a stiff official registrar. You want to do it all over again. Because you know for sure, when you would marry NOW, it would be something special. Than why not renew your vows! ┬áThat special moment, the I do’s, you will do it again. But much better than years ago. With a personal speech, een renewal of the vows, rings, a certificate….a complete ceremony.

A ceremony in another country

Having your ceremony in England, Scotland, France, Italy or where ever you want? Possible. Let me explain you how in person.

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