Andréa Schipper-Vosveld, wedding officiant. Wife of Fred, grandmother of Nathan and dogmom of Sky.

Zeeland roots with a strong touch of Amsterdam
Born and raised in Zeeland, but love brought me to Amsterdam in 2000 where I lived for almost 20 years. I not only pledged my heart to my love, but also to the city.
We have left Amsterdam since 2019 and now live in the small village of Deil, in the municipality of West-Betuwe. Between the fruit trees, with sheep as neighbors in the back and a dog. But Amsterdam Marriage Bureau stayed the same, because all those fantastic weddings in the city, with the beautiful wedding locations and the many nationalities are dear to me.

My first marriage
In 2003 I was allowed to celebrate my first marriage in the Film Museum in Amsterdam. Awesome! I didn’t have any nerves, I especially thought it was super fun and very special that I was allowed to do that. I worked as a civil registrar in Amsterdam for 11 years and have been able to provide the most diverse ceremonies. Every ceremony is special in its own way, matching the bridal couple and never the same. That’s what makes it so much fun to be a wedding officiant. It is a challenge to always get the best ceremony for each couple.

Civil Registrar Extraordinary
I am an extraordinary civil registrar in the municipality of Leusden, which means that I can also work as an independent wedding officiant throughout the Netherlands.